A woman’s cycle begins on the first day of her period. The phase before ovulation is a great time to practice yoga and focus on inverted poses.

Inversions help clean the uterus completely after a woman’s period. This is absolutely necessary to ensure the uterus is ready and prepared for ovulation.

Other poses to focus on include those that have a concave position. Using blocks, straps and wall are great tools to assist.

A simple practice:

1. Child’s Pose: Starting with extended child’s pose and holding for a few minutes.
2. Downward Dog: Transition to downward dog with option to rest head on a stack of folded blankets.
3. Headstand: If you have a regular and safe headstand practice, hold for up to three minutes. Alternative pose to practice is legs up the wall.
4. Shoulder-stand: Against the wall or without the wall support. Hold for at least three minutes.
5. Supported Plow Pose: From shoulder-stand you can move into plow pose, have the feet rest on a bolster or stack of blankets.
6. Forward Fold: With concave back, use straps
7. Butterfly Forward Fold: Have soles of the feet together
8. Child’s Pose
9. Savasana: for at least 10 minutes

Focus on inversions and rest during this time. Prepare the mind and body for ovulation and becoming pregnant.

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woman in forward fold yoga pose
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