Pregnancy is one of life’s milestone that a woman may go through. It is essential for a pregnant woman to maintain her physical and mental health for the well being of her and her baby.

Yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone. Yoga during pregnancy is a great way to calm the mind, stretch and strengthen the muscles that will be used during childbirth.

If you have regularly practiced yoga prior to pregnancy you can continue to practice at your regular studio and in non-prenatal classes. Just make sure that you let the instructor know so they can show you modifications – remember no compressing the belly. Avoid twists and any poses on the lying on your front.

During your first trimester, you want to slow these down and be mindful as your body adjusts to being pregnant and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

You may find yourself having a sudden burst of energy as you enter your second trimester. Focus on breathing exercises and begin to strengthen the pelvis. During this time you may want to start looking for prenatal yoga specific classes. These classes are tailored to pregnancy and focus entirely on your journey.

Joining prenatal yoga classes in your second or third trimester will greatly benefit you and your baby. Not only will you focus on you and your baby but you will meet other moms to be and ask questions and share your journey together.

Beauty from the Inside

A regular yoga practice will help to strengthen your nerves, ligaments and internal organs. It also improves blood circulation. This pregnancy glow may have your skin become soft and silky. You will be glowing from the inside out. You are a beautiful pregnant woman.

Benefits during Pregnancy

The practice of yoga helps in good digestion, healthy blood circulation and an easy breath. Yoga postures help to end tiredness and rid the body of tensions. Yoga and breath work can enhance your child’s future health.

Yoga poses during pregnancy focus on widening the muscle structure of the pelvic floor. This can be done by keep the legs outer hip distance apart in standing and seated postures.

Benefits during Labour

During labour may of the yoga poses you did throughout pregnancy can be used. In early labour, movement can help encourage baby to move, can take pressure off your back and pelvic during contractions and can be a distraction. Being on all fours, doing cat/cows, hip cycles and child’s pose can be helpful.

Once in active labour, movement can still be used and be helpful. You may also turn to deep breathing techniques learn in your prenatal yoga classes.

Yoga teaches us to focus the mind and relax the body. Childbirth and labour is hard work and maintaining a sense of calm can help mom and baby be calm as well.

Benefits After Birth

The body needs to heal after childbirth. You will want to wait until you receive clearance from your healthcare provider before starting any exercise regimes but you can start gentle stretches at home. Your neck and shoulders may be tired from carrying, nursing and soothing your baby. Neck and shoulder roles can help release tensions in these spots. Pelvic tilts can also be done and can help gain strength to the abdomen and back muscles.

When you are cleared to return to regular exercise, you can join one of our classes with your baby.

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