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Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone. Yoga during pregnancy is a great way to calm the mind, stretch and strengthen the muscles that will be used during childbirth.

If you have regularly practiced yoga prior to pregnancy you can continue to practice at your regular studio and in non-prenatal classes. Just make sure that you let the instructor know so they can show you modifications – remember no compression the belly. Avoid twists and any poses on the front.

During your first trimester, you want to slow these down and be mindful as your body adjusts to being pregnant and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

You may find yourself having a sudden burst of energy as you enter your second trimester. Focus on breathing exercises and begin to strengthen the pelvis. During this time you may want to start looking for prenatal yoga specific classes. These classes are tailored to pregnancy and focus entirely on your journey.

Joining prenatal yoga classes in your second or third trimester will greatly benefit you and your baby. Not only will you focus on you and your baby but you will meet other moms to be and ask questions and share your journey together.

We have weekly drop in classes in Toronto. Check out our schedule for more information.

Yoga during pregnancy
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