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Preparing for Baby Checklist

Today there are hundreds of items that are made and marketed for newborns. You don't need to spend a small fortune on items to have for when your baby arrives. If this is your first baby, ask family and friends if they have [...]

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Do’s & Don’ts Of Prenatal Yoga

It's important to be familiar with the do's and don'ts for prenatal yoga. As with any yoga practice, there are contraindications and modification to practice safely for injuries, conditions, ailments and body structure. The DOs Take it slow and remember to breathe [...]

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Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone. Yoga during pregnancy is a great way to calm the mind, stretch and strengthen the muscles that will be used during childbirth. If you have regularly practiced yoga prior to pregnancy you can continue to practice [...]

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Prenatal Yoga FAQs

Prenatal Yoga FAQs When can I start practicing yoga in pregnancy? Practicing yoga is safe during all three trimesters of pregnancy. As with any exercise program, make sure to check first with your healthcare provider. If you are on bed rest or at [...]

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