Self-care during pregnancy often includes slowing down, taking more time to rest, eating healthy – you’re eating for two, after all. Yoga can be a valuable part of your self-care throughout your pregnancy journey.

Prenatal yoga is a practice designed to help alleviate common aches and discomforts of pregnancy, strengthen the body for childbirth and bring a deeper connection with the baby growing inside you.

Breathing exercises or pranayama, will help alleviate common discomforts as well as increase your lung capacity.  This creates more space to breath more freely and openly. Pranayama also calms and stills the mind and can help once contractions start and even during labour.

The postures or asans, can help ease morning sickness, nausea, heartburn and backaches. When the first stage of labour begins, if the baby hasn’t turned or is in the breech position, there are postures that can help encourage the baby to come to the birthing position.

Practicing prenatal yoga during pregnancy is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as improving the overall well-being of the mother and child.

Padma Yogi offers three drop in prenatal yoga classes each week.

Each class is 75 minutes and includes a variety of yoga poses, core strengthen exercises and restorative postures.

Our classes are taught by a registered prenatal yoga instructor, certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. The teacher includes tips and tricks to support your pregnancy, childbirth and labour.

To learn more about our classes and to see our schedule, click here.

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Beautiful and clean studio, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere makes Padma yoga a great place to practice.

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