In many cultures parents wear their babies on their body. Babywearing can make your parenting life easier and enhance the development of your baby.

Tips for babywearing

The positions of baby wearing are meant to mimic in-arms carrying positions. At all times baby’s face should remain visible and kissable.

Wear baby high on your body. Especially in the first few months – “the higher, the safer” is baby wearing 101.

While you are getting used to wearing your baby, support your baby with your hands. Once you become used to baby wearing you can safely carry your baby in the sling with just one hand.

Make sure that your baby’s mouth and nose are free to breathe and not covered by the sling, your own body or clothing/fabric. Be sure you can see baby’s face at all times and that their head and neck are completely supported.

If you are carrying anything else such as groceries bags, make sure you have one arm free for baby.

Do not wear your baby while cooking or while moving in a vehicle.

Attend to your baby and check on them often. Support them if they like to squirm and wiggle. Be careful when stooping, going through doorways or around corners. Make sure baby doesn’t stick out past your arm and strike the wall or doorway.

Always read the carrier’s instructions that came when you purchased. If you are using a second hand carrier, consult the manufacturer’s website first for safety information before using the carrier. If someone else is wearing your baby, make sure that they too know the safety precautions.

Enjoy the closeness babywearing brings.

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