It’s important to stay active during pregnancy Exercising during pregnancy brings huge advantages to your body and baby.

Exercise is a positive way to:

 icon-plus-circle reduce stress
 icon-plus-circle regain more energy
 icon-plus-circlesleep better
 icon-plus-circle have regular digestion
 icon-plus-circle lift your spirits
 icon-plus-circle increases odds of an easier labour
 icon-plus-circle helps your body bounce back
 icon-plus-circle can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy

If you are a marathon runner, yoga practitioner or never set foot in a gym before – that’s okay. The best advice is to listen to your body and adapt accordingly.

Before starting any new exercise its best to check in with your health care provider.

Prenatal yoga classes are designated specifically for pregnant women. These classes are a great way to exercise, breathe deeply and connect with yourself and your growing baby.

Padma Yogi teaches prenatal yoga classes in Etobicoke and Toronto. Check out our schedule.

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