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Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Birth Doula

A birth doula (“dula) can be an invaluable member of your birth team. Doulas provide physical and emotionally support to both the pregnant woman and her birth partner, doulas also provide information, education and advocacy.

Birth doulas want to ensure that you have the birth experience that you want. It is essential to find someone that you connect with, feel comfortable with and can imagine being there on the big day.

You may want to interview with a few different doulas to find your perfect match.

Here are questions that may be helpful when interviewing.

Questions to Ask Doulas

 icon-heart What kind of training do you have? Are you certified? If so, which organization?
 icon-heart What is your philosophy about birth?
 icon-heart How would you describe your birth support style?
 icon-heart How many births have you attended?
 icon-heart Have you attended births at my birth location?
 icon-heart Why did you become a doula?
 icon-heart Do you have other clients that are due near my due date?
 icon-heart Do you have a back-up doula? Can I meet them?
 icon-heart Do you have any references or a past client that I can speak to?
 icon-heart Do you have an additional training or provide other services?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Once you have completed your interviews, you’ll want to ask yourself if the doula was a good fit for you. Did she make you and your birth partner comfortable? Did she answer all of your questions. Did you click with her?

Happy doula interviewing.

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