Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is key.

Resting when you need to, eating nourishing foods and getting exercise are all important.

Affirmations can be words or a phrase that you repeat silently or aloud that allow the mind to focus on one thought which has everything else – worries, lists etc. drift away.

Choosing one or a few prenatal affirmations and repeat them throughout the day.

Trying sitting or lying down comfortably with the eyes closed, breathing deeply repeating your affirmation.

Here are a few to get you started:

I breathe deeply to create more space in my body for my growing baby.
I send healing energy to the places where I feel discomfort.
I accept and welcome the changes in my body that each stage of pregnancy brings.
I let go of any fears or anxieties and trust that my body knows what to do.
I remain positive and strong throughout my pregnancy and labour.
Once you have a prenatal affirmation that works for you, repeat it as often as you like.
And witness the immediate grounding and relaxing effects it has on your mind and body.
Prenatal yoga is a great way to connect with your mind and body.
We have classes every week. Check out our schedule.
Pregnant woman in seated yoga pose
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