Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to stay in shape, connect with your baby and prepare for childbirth and labor.

There are precautions that should be followed while practicing prenatal yoga

As soon as you find out your are pregnant, stop doing twists that press against your abdomen. Twists signal the body to squeeze and expel the belly which is what you want to avoid during your entire pregnancy.

If you have a history of miscarriages, avoid practicing yoga postures until you’ve reached your second trimester or receive the OK from your healthcare provider. The first trimester is the implementation stage – focus your yoga practice instead of deep breathing and light restorative poses.

Don’t practice yoga in a room that is heated higher than your body temperature, so no hot yoga.

If you have a regular yoga practice, don’t introduce any new postures. Avoid all breathing exercises that involved retaining or holding the breath.

As with any yoga practice and especially if you are pregnant, if something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

Remember that yoga teaches us to focus inward.

Take this time to listen to your body and do what feels best. One day your practice may be sitting quietly for 15 minutes, another day it involved a few standing postures or a long held supported savasana.

You are now caring for your child that is growing inside of you. For the next nine months you are living, breathing and caring for two.

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