Benefits of Postnatal Yoga After ChildbirthYou may have practiced yoga during your pregnancy or perhaps prior to being pregnant, wondering when you can get back to your mat after childbirth?

A few things to consider first.

After childbirth, get clearance first before starting yoga

Always check with your care provider (doctor or midwife) when it is safe to resume exercise. Vaginal births generally are OK to return to yoga 4-6 weeks after labor. Cesarean births are a bit longer, 8-10 weeks or more. Don’t push yourself. Each day is different, even if your were given the clearance to practice, always listen to how your body is feeling that day.

Consider postnatal yoga classes

Why? Because your teacher will be trained in how to work with the post baby body. This includes knowing which poses are contraindicated for diastasis recti or knowing which poses may be too intense of a stretch for cesarean scars. A trained postnatal yoga teacher will be able to identify and work with common concerns such as back pain, constipation, perineal soreness and tender breasts.

After childbirth, postnatal yoga classes are a safe place to practice yoga with other new parents and share in your experiences with a trained teacher.

Baby & Me Classes

Baby & Me classes are a great way to meet other new parents and bond with baby. Each class is different and you choose if you want your baby involved in the poses or not. Remember to bring a few things with you to these classes such as toys and blanket.

After Childbirth, Your Body has Changed

Having a baby changes your body. Respect your body and listen to it.

Modify your practice to how your feeling on that day. You may have more energy or need more restful poses.

Practicing with a trained postnatal yoga teacher for the first few months after childbirth is great to ensure your safety and they will know how to accommodate and modify poses for common postpartum aliments.

Your healthcare provider can also guide you if there are certain exercises you should avoid.

Padma Yogi offers Postnatal yoga classes each week. To learn more about our classes and to see our schedule, click here.

Melissa is an amazing instructor. I feel confidant and safe in her classes, so I can let go and focus on my practice.

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