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Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to stay active and help alleviate many of the common discomforts including nausea, back pain, swelling, fatigue, constipation, sciatica and leg cramping.

Prenatal yoga also provides the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of your changing body and modifying your practice to your unique needs.

Yoga, breath work and meditation can help cultivate a calm and relaxed mind and body which can help you stay relaxed during labour and childbirth.​

Classes with Padma Yogi are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Classes include yoga postures, core strengthen exercises and restorative postures. We focus on strengthen and stretching the uterus, pelvic floor muscles, hips and shoulders.

You’ll also learn how certain yoga postures can be used during early labour (at your home, hospital or birth centre) and other tips on how to manage contractions with or without medication.

If you have changes in your pregnancy and have developed or have gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, breech position of baby, placenta previa or a cervical curettage, let us know as you will want to modify your practice and we will show you how to.

Our teacher has experience with these and other pregnancy related conditions. Know you are in good hands with a knowledgeable instructor. Feel confident in knowing the exercises you are doing are safe for you, regardless of what may or may come up throughout your pregnancy.

Melissa has taught over 550 pregnant persons in Etobicoke, Mississauga and Toronto.

Enjoy prenatal yoga in safe, welcoming and encouraging environment.

Prenatal Yoga FAQs

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Fertility, Birth and Labour, and Postpartum care.

Childbirth Education
Childbirth Education
We offer in home private childbirth education classes that are affordable.
Our most popular package includes four hours on private instruction and we focus on things that are important to you.
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Birth Doula
Birth Doula
We take the time to get to know you and the support services that best suit you. We practice comfort techniques including massage, birth ball, rebozo, temperature, deep breathing, visualization and positioning.
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Postnatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga
Padma Yogi provides emotional support and education after birth to women and their families. Services provided include helping with feeding, bathing, bonding, light housekeeping, and to offer help with physical recovery from birth, and much more.
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reduce stress
strengthen your body
improve sleep
connect with baby
“I wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for all your yoga guidance during my pregnancy. I very much enjoyed the class each week and believe it helped me relax and prepare for labour and delivery. Our little girl was born on her due date. Happy, healthy and adorable.”

“Thanks for everything Melissa, you helped get my body and mind ready for this! I was very calm and breathing and visualization really helped.”

“My weekly prenatal yoga classes with Melissa helped me so much to relax and to get my body prepared for the big day. During labour my daughter came into distress at some point. I was able to relax my mind and body with techniques that Melissa taught me – and it worked! I delivered the most beautiful girl calmly and it was the most amazing experience. I’d recommend prenatal yoga to all women.”

“Melissa was extremely helping in my emotional, physical and overall well-being. She was there from the beginning to the end providing any support we needed. We are so thankful for her!”

“Melissa is amazing! The class is challenging and very inclusive.”

“Melissa is an amazing instructor. I feel confidant and safe in her classes so I can let go and focus on my practice.”

“Beautiful and clean studio, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere makes Padma yoga a great place to practice. Convenient location with free parking at the back.”