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Postpartum Doula

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Project Description

Postpartum Doula – Free Consultation

To learn more about you and your wishes postpartum, we begin the postpartum support journey with a free 30-minute consultation. We review the support services that Melissa provides as a postpartum doula and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Newborn Care 

This includes education around newborn basics including feeding (breastfeeding, bottle, formula, supplementation), diapering and bathing.

Postpartum Parent Care

Postpartum parent care includes feeding support (positioning, education, guidance), emotional support and caring for newborn while you rest, shower etc.

Sibling & Partner Care

We provide care and education for siblings and your partner, focusing on emotional support, caring for other siblings and integrating your newborn into the family.

Household Assistance

Light household assistance includes laundry, food shopping and preparation, tidying and pet care.

Overnight Support

We offer newborn support while you rest, including:

  • diapering
  • preparing bottles or bringing you the baby during the night if you are breastfeeding
  • settling your baby to sleep & soothing your baby at night
  • feeding your baby & burping your baby
  • cleaning, sterilizing and preparing pump and feeding equipment
  • breastfeeding and pumping support
  • bathing your baby & dressing your baby
  • morning routine
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Postpartum Doula
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Postpartum Support
 icon-sun-o Postpartum Doula Services – 12 hours of support $325 
 icon-moon-o Overnight Doula Services   – 8hr shift $240 per night
Please contact us for additional packages.
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A doula is a professional birth-coach who provides continuous labour support, both physical and emotional. Doulas stay with you before, during and after delivery, offering informational support at any stage of the birthing process. A postpartum doula provides support after the baby is born and this can include newborn care, care for the birth person, feeding support and light household work.

A doula is not a medical professional and doulas do not give medical advice, perform medical procedures and does not make any medical decisions on your behalf. Doulas have a lot of experience with birth and will help you understand your options, help you ask the right questions and will help you communicate them.

Selecting a doula is a very personal choice. Melissa is a professionally trained doula who are ready to provide support to you. Most doulas will offer a free meet and greet to see if you’re the right fit. You may want to interview 2-3 doulas to find one that is right for you.

“I wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for all your yoga guidance during my pregnancy. I very much enjoyed the class each week and believe it helped me relax and prepare for labour and delivery. Our little girl was born on her due date. Happy, healthy and adorable.”

“Thanks for everything Melissa, you helped get my body and mind ready for this! I was very calm and breathing and visualization really helped.”

“My weekly prenatal yoga classes with Melissa helped me so much to relax and to get my body prepared for the big day. During labour my daughter came into distress at some point. I was able to relax my mind and body with techniques that Melissa taught me – and it worked! I delivered the most beautiful girl calmly and it was the most amazing experience. I’d recommend prenatal yoga to all women.”

“Melissa was extremely helping in my emotional, physical and overall well-being. She was there from the beginning to the end providing any support we needed. We are so thankful for her!”

“Melissa is amazing! The class is challenging and very inclusive.”

“Melissa is an amazing instructor. I feel confidant and safe in her classes so I can let go and focus on my practice.”

“Beautiful and clean studio, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere makes Padma yoga a great place to practice. Convenient location with free parking at the back.”