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We offer in home private, affordable childbirth education classes. Our most popular package includes four hours on private instruction and we focus on things that are important to you.

We will meet once before your due date and review everything that happens in labour, at your birth location, how to cope in labour and what to expect in the first few days. I’ll also help you prepare your birth preferences which you can share with your healthcare provider.

After you’ve had your baby and are back home, we will meet again for two hours, where we review basic newborn care, feeding support, review your birth and help answer any questions you have about transiting into parenthood. Not sure how to bathe baby? Need help with breastfeeding? You’ll get hands on experience from a doula in the privacy of your own home.

You can also reach out to me via email, text or phone with any questions you have up to until we meet after your birth.

Childbirth Education Classes
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4 Hour Package $160

All support will be done virtual-video chat or phone at this time. There will not be any in home visits.

Topics covered in Childbirth Education Classes

Prenatal Visit – 2 hours

Stages of Labour
We will review the stages of labour – how to time contractions, what are the signs of early labour, when to call your midwife or go to your hospital.

Medical Interventions
Learn what the common medical interventions are, why they occur and ways to avoid them.

Comfort Measures
Practice comfort measure techniques that help at home in early labour and at the hospital. Learn about the medical pain relief including epidurals (and no, it’s almost never too late to receive one). Learn about the roller-over and peanut ball – a must if you receive an epidural. What positions are best for labour? What about birth? Learn those and more.

Packing Lists
Learn about the top must have items to pack for labour and birth and find out what items are provided to you and what items that are packed but seldom used.

Newborn Tests
There are common tests and procures done to babies once they are born and before you leave the hospital. Learn what those are and what your choices are. As of January 2019, some are no longer mandatory.

Afterbirth Care
Learn what to expect with recovery for a vaginal birth and caesarean. How long do you stay at the hospital? What to buy ahead of time for a smooth recovery – adult diapers have never been more in fashion!

Postnatal Visit – 2 hours

We will talk about your birth experience and review any questions you may have.

Newborn Care
We will review basic newborn care. I’m happy to help support you giving your baby their first bath, review safe sleep practices, feeding support and any questions you may have.

After birth Care
We will discuss your care and healing process. You can ask me any personal burning questions. You will receive unbiased support.

Types of Doulas

Doulas assist with Fertility, Birth and Labour, and Postpartum care.

Padma Yogi offers unbiased support and education to assist women who struggle with conceiving. I’ll help with navigating fertility testing, treatment options, and understand your fertility options.
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Birth & Labour Doula
Birth & Labour Doula
Doulas have been helping women prepare and give birth for centuries while providing support during labor.  Padma Yogi will help you have an empowering, memorable and safe experience.
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Postpartum Doula
Postpartum Doula
Padma Yogi provides emotional support and education after birth to women and their families. Services provided include helping with feeding, bathing, bonding, light housekeeping, and to offer help with physical recovery from birth, and much more.
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Recent Posts on Childbirth Education

“I wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for all your yoga guidance during my pregnancy. I very much enjoyed the class each week and believe it helped me relax and prepare for labour and delivery. Our little girl was born on her due date. Happy, healthy and adorable.”

“Thanks for everything Melissa, you helped get my body and mind ready for this! I was very calm and breathing and visualization really helped.”

“My weekly prenatal yoga classes with Melissa helped me so much to relax and to get my body prepared for the big day. During labour my daughter came into distress at some point. I was able to relax my mind and body with techniques that Melissa taught me – and it worked! I delivered the most beautiful girl calmly and it was the most amazing experience. I’d recommend prenatal yoga to all women.”

“Melissa was extremely helping in my emotional, physical and overall well-being. She was there from the beginning to the end providing any support we needed. We are so thankful for her!”

“Melissa is amazing! The class is challenging and very inclusive.”

“Melissa is an amazing instructor. I feel confidant and safe in her classes so I can let go and focus on my practice.”

“Beautiful and clean studio, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere makes Padma yoga a great place to practice. Convenient location with free parking at the back.”