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Birth and Labour Doula

Free Consultation

Our support starts with a free 45-minute consultation. We take the time to learn more about you and about your wishes for labour and childbirth. We review the support services that Melissa provides as a birth and labour doula and answer any questions you may have about the process.​

Prenatal Visits

If you have chosen to work with Padma Yogi as your birth doula, we will meet one to two times before your estimated due date. During these visits, we will discuss how your pregnancy has been and review your preferences for labour and delivery.

We will take time to practice comfort measure techniques including massage, birth ball, peanut ball, TENS machine, rebozo, temperature, deep breathing, visualization and positioning.

Email & Phone Support

Melissa is available via email, text and phone support to answer any questions you may have. She is on-call 24/7 as soon as you decide to work with her until baby is born.

Labour Support

Melissa will be with you and your birth team during your labour and delivery as a constant support system, whether you are delivering at the hospital, birth centre or at home. She will support you physically, emotionally and mentally and will provide you with the tools and information needed for you to make the best informed decisions for you.

Once your baby is born, she will stay up to two hours postpartum. Melissa is also happy to help assist with breastfeeding, take photos and gather your items together.

Within 24-48 hours after delivery,  Melissa will stop by at your birth location to check in and provide support.

Postpartum Visit

After your baby is born, Melissa will visit you at your house a few days after delivery to see how you and your new baby are doing. We will discuss the labour and delivery and how you are feeling about your experience. We will also review any concerns you have with your newborn, including feedings.

Birth Doula Service: $1,200

  • 3 visits – these can be used prenatally or postpartum

  • 1 check in visit 24-48 hours after delivery

  • Assistance with creating birth preferences document

  • On-call 24/7

  • Unlimited email, phone and text support

  • Access to my lending library and over 100 online and printed resources

  • Use of TENS machine during labour

  • Attendance at your birth & if appropriate at home in early labour
  • 4 prenatal yoga classes (value of $80)

Contact us to book a free in person consultation or for additional packages.
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greater satisfaction with birth experience
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increased confidence
better outcomes for baby
greater success with feeding
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improved family bonding
improved postpartum mental health


A doula is a professional birth-coach who provides continuous labour support, both physical and emotional. Doulas stay with you before, during and after delivery, offering informational support at any stage of the birthing process. A postpartum doula provides support after the baby is born and this can include newborn care, care for the birth person, feeding support and light household work.

A doula is not a medical professional and doulas do not give medical advice, perform medical procedures and does not make any medical decisions on your behalf. Doulas have a lot of experience with birth and will help you understand your options, help you ask the right questions and will help you communicate them.

Midwives are health-care professionals who provide expert primary care to pregnant people and their newborns. A doula provides continuous care and does not leave your side during the labour or childbirth. Midwives have many responsibilities including performing medical procedures, charting and monitoring you and the baby—they cannot always be by your side coaching you through each contraction. Doulas remain by your side and provide continuous support.

No, not at all. Doulas do not replace your birth partner. We work as a team together and support both of you. During your labour the doula may give the partner a break, reassure the partner and provide support to them too.

That’s great. Doulas provide unbiased, evidence-based support. Doulas help empower you in your choices. Modern epidurals are gradual, and the medication can be controlled. Doulas will still provide physical support for comfort and positioning and continue to provide emotional support to you and your birth partner.

Selecting a doula is a very personal choice. Melissa is a professionally trained doula who are ready to provide support to you. Most doulas will offer a free meet and greet to see if you’re the right fit. You may want to interview 2-3 doulas to find one that is right for you.

Doulas are not currently covered by OHIP. Some extended health care insurance plans may cover a portion or all of doula fees. Please call and check with your insurance company to confirm. If you do get coverage, you will receive a receipt with Padma Yogi‘s registration information.

“I wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for all your yoga guidance during my pregnancy. I very much enjoyed the class each week and believe it helped me relax and prepare for labour and delivery. Our little girl was born on her due date. Happy, healthy and adorable.”

“Thanks for everything Melissa, you helped get my body and mind ready for this! I was very calm and breathing and visualization really helped.”

“My weekly prenatal yoga classes with Melissa helped me so much to relax and to get my body prepared for the big day. During labour my daughter came into distress at some point. I was able to relax my mind and body with techniques that Melissa taught me – and it worked! I delivered the most beautiful girl calmly and it was the most amazing experience. I’d recommend prenatal yoga to all women.”

“Melissa was extremely helping in my emotional, physical and overall well-being. She was there from the beginning to the end providing any support we needed. We are so thankful for her!”

“Melissa is amazing! The class is challenging and very inclusive.”

“Melissa is an amazing instructor. I feel confidant and safe in her classes so I can let go and focus on my practice.”

“Beautiful and clean studio, friendly service and relaxing atmosphere makes Padma yoga a great place to practice. Convenient location with free parking at the back.”