Movement during labour is a great way to help baby descend the birth canal and prepare for delivery.

How do you move?

Play some music and bust a move. No music? No problem.

Swaying, making circles with your hips can all help. Try wrapping your around your support person and slow dance.

Don’t worry about how you look – movement is on your side. Being upright, gravity starts to assist.

Yoga Poses

Hip circles or swaying the hips side to side can help.

This can be done on all fours (remember to lay a sheet down first!), standing or even against a wall or door.

Cat/Cow, child’s pose and puppy pose can also help as well.

Every 20 to 30 minutes try changing position – always check first with your care provider if it is okay to change positions.

Movement is a great comfort measure for labor.

Check list

icon-arrow-circle-right Leaning forward
icon-arrow-circle-right Walking
icon-arrow-circle-right Dancing
icon-arrow-circle-right Cat / Cow – hands and knees
icon-arrow-circle-right Kneeling
icon-arrow-circle-right Leaning forward on a ball, chair, bed
icon-arrow-circle-right Semi sitting – the “rollover”

Considering having a doula present at your birth who provide support and care to you and your desired birth experience.

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