Giving Birth in CanadaYou’ve had your baby in Canada and are now wondering what this means. Does your baby automatically become a Canadian citizen? Do you if you are a permanent resident or non-resident?

We have gathered answers to these important questions.

Ontario Health Care

In Ontario the health care is under OHIP.  Through OHIP the province pays for many health services including doctor appointments, medical tests and surgeries and giving birth.

To qualify for OHIP you must meet minimum qualifications and are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, a convention refugee or other protected persons, an Indigenous person, are on a valid work permit and are working full time for an Ontario employer, for at least six months. Spouse and any dependants also qualify if you do. We recommended contacting Service Ontario for more information.

Is my child eligible for OHIP?

OHIP coverage starts immediately for babies born in Ontario who are Canadian citizens. If your baby was born in Ontario at a hospital or with a registered midwife, you will have to complete the Ontario Health Coverage Infant Registration Form. This form is not available online and will be given to you by hospital staff or the registered midwife. You will complete the form and the hospital staff or midwife will submit it to the government. You will retain the bottom section of the form until you receive the baby’s health care in the mail.

To be eligible for OHIP, the child must be:

  • Born in Canada
  • A Canadian citizen
  • Physically present in Ontario for at least 153 days in any 12 month period

Your baby may be eligible for OHIP, but you may not.

Register a birth for a new baby

In Ontario, you will have to register your baby’s birth online with Service Ontario. The birth needs to be registered with the Government of Ontario within 30 days.  When you register the birth online you can also apply for a birth certificate, a social insurance number (SIN) and Canada child benefits.

Things needed to register a birth online

  • The baby’s date of birth
  • The baby’s name and parental information
  • The name of the hospital or birthing centre
  • The name of the person who delivered the baby
  • The baby’s weight
  • The length of the pregnancy at time of birth in weeks

Before you leave the hospital or birthing centre, you should receive some of this information. Ask your nurse or care provider before you are discharged.

Does my child automatically get Canadian citizenship?

Once you have received your child’s birth certificate, you can then apply for their passport. Any baby born in Canada has the right to become a Canadian citizen. If the parents are not citizens, they will not automatically receive citizenship because of their baby.

You will need to complete an application form , a long-form birth certification, two passport photos, proof of parentage or legal guardianship and a guarantor. You will then pay the applicable fees and submit the application.

How long is maternity leave in Canada?

Canadian parents are eligible for maternity and parental leave if they have worked a minimum of 600 hours in the prior year. There are two options – 18-month option which gives the parent up to 33% of weekly earnings or 12 months option with 55% of weekly earnings.

Giving birth in Canada

Giving birth in a foreign land can be intimidating and not knowing or understanding the health care system can bring on added stress. At Padma Yogi, our doulas have supported clients who are on visas, newcomers to Canada and refugees. We understand the unique challenges that you may face and will work with you to help navigate the healthcare system.

Contact us to book a free consultation and learn more how we can support you and your growing family.