Exercise and movement is important during pregnancy to help mom be healthy. Practising yoga while pregnant has unique benefits.

1. Helps Keeps Stress Levels in Check
Stress happens to all of us and by practicing yoga while pregnant, stress is greatly reduced. Yoga teaches us to remain calm and use our breath and helps moms to be decompress and create more space for your baby. Stress can be held in the body and by stretching these areas, stress can be reduced.

2. Yoga Keeps Mom and Baby Healthy
Prenatal yoga helps relieve many of the common symptoms of pregnancy such as back ache, nausea, swelling and sleeplessness. Studies have shown that women who practice prenatal yoga three times a week for an hour were less likely to have gestational diabetes, low birth-weight babies and high blood pressure.

3. Mom and Baby Connect
Pregnant women who practice prenatal yoga experience a greater connection with their baby while they are growing in the womb. Yoga teaches us to tune into our body and connect with how our body feels. Prenatal yoga allows pregnant women to connect with the changes their body is going through during pregnancy and listen and adapt your yoga practice to these changes.

4. Prepare for Labour and Childbirth
Prenatal yoga helps prepare pregnant women for labour and childbirth. The deep breathing learned in prenatal yoga can be used to breathe through any pain of contractions and to tune in and listen to the wisdom of your body – it knows and is prepared for labor. Prenatal yoga reminds us to be present and aware during labor.

5. Sharing your Journey with other Moms
You’ll share your journey with other moms and share stories, advice and support from one another. By practicing prenatal yoga with other pregnant women you’ll make new friends and help ease anxiety about labor and motherhood by talking with other women who are the same journey.

Prenatal yoga will give you the energy needed to enjoy your pregnancy, connect with your baby and build a deeper connection with yourself.

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