The bedroom is an important element of fertility and not just for being intimate but for sleep. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. This philosophy asserts that the arrangement of our surroundings can bring positive or negative energy to our lives. Using the techniques of Feng shui in the bedroom can make the environment more auspicious.

Tips on setting up your bedroom according to Feng shui principles:

The shape of your bedroom: the most auspicious room shape is square or rectangular. If your bedroom is another shape, hang love beads or crystals to help change the shape.

Bathroom in the bedroom: if there is a bathroom attached, always lower the lid of the toilet and keep the bathroom door closed whenever possible. The toilet is a place for drainage and turbid waste. You do not want any positive energy to drain and any negative energy to come back into the environment.

Position of the bed: Try to place the bed away from doors and windows and have accessibility on either side of the bed. Avoid placing the foot of the bed pointing towards the door (coffin-like when your sleeping) and avoid placing the head towards the entrance. The most auspicious bed placement is diagonally opposite the door, avoiding being underneath any window.
Under the bed: try not to store anything under the bed. Clutter under the bed inhibits good energy from flowing freely around the bed.
MirrorsAvoid having mirrors or anything reflective in the bedroom. Mirrors directly facing the bed or above are considered inauspicious.

ElectronicsTVs and any electronic devices, including cell phones, should not be kept in the bedroom. They do not posses natural energy. If you must have your cell phone with you in the bedroom, cover it up with a light cloth overnight.

Plants: Avoid having plants and flowers in the bedroom. Plants posses yang energy and the bedroom should be yin in nature. Flowers present in the bedroom can cause infidelity and disagreement.

The following are items that are considered auspicious for fertility and are welcomed in the bedroom:

  • Chinese Double Happiness sign under your mattress
  • Elephants
  • Dragons
  • Double Fish symbol
  • Red paper lanterns
  • Lychee, longan and pomegranate fruit
  • Hollow bamboo
  • Lotus seeds

Using these techniques of Feng shui you can make your bedroom environment more auspicious. This of course doesn’t mean that bad things won’t ever happen to you but it can improve your odds of good fortune.

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