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Prenatal Yoga three times a week – all classes drop in

Sundays 4pm to 515pm

Tuesdays 745pm to 9pm

Thursdays 745pm to 9pm


Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to stay active and help alleviate many of the common discomforts including nausea, back pain, swelling, fatigue, constipation, sciatica and leg cramping.

Prenatal yoga also provides the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of your changing body and modifying your practice to your unique needs.

Yoga, breath work and meditation can help cultivate a calm and relaxed mind and body which can help you stay relaxed during labour and childbirth.​

Classes at Padma Yogi are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Our classes include yoga postures, core strengthen exercises and restorative postures. We focus on strengthen and stretching the uterus, pelvic floor muscles, hips and shoulders.

You’ll also learn how certain yoga postures can be used during early labour (at your home, hospital or birth centre) and other tips on how to manage contractions with or without medication.