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Learn from an experienced birth and postpartum doula who has support over 450 families in the Greater Toronto Area.

In this condensed, 2.5hr class we will explore and cover all the must haves to know for labour and what to really expect once your at your birth location.

Stages of Labour 

We will review the stages of labour – how to time contractions, what are the signs of early labour, when to call your midwife or go to your hospital.

Medical Interventions

Learn what the common medical interventions are, why they occur and ways to avoid them.

Comfort Measures

Practice comfort measure techniques that help at home in early labour and at the hospital. Learn about the medical pain relief including epidurals (and no, it’s almost never too late to receive one). Learn about the roller and peanut ball – a must if you receive an epidural.

What positions are best for labour? What about birth? Learn those and more.

Packing Lists

Learn about the top must have items to pack for labour and birth and find out what items are provided to you and what items that are packed but seldom used.

Newborn Tests

There are common tests and procures done to babies once they are born and before you leave the hospital. Learn what those are and what your choices are. As of January 2019, some are no longer mandatory.

Mama Care

Learn what to expect with recovery for a vaginal birth and caesarean. How long do you stay at the hospital? What to buy ahead of time for a smooth recovery – adult diapers have never been more in fashion!

What to REALLY expect

You will leave this class armed and ready with all of the information you need to have a memorable birth, make informed decisions and care for you and your new baby.

Easy to read and understand handouts will be provided.


Melissa has been providing doula services in Toronto and GTA area since 2016 and support all births: home, hospital and birth centre, as well as medicated and unmedicated.​ She also provides postpartum support and overnight doula support. She is also a childbirth educator and yoga instructor.